Fix and Flip Loans from Lenderra

For investors looking to acquire a real estate property, securing the capital is the biggest hurdle. The fix and flip loan from Lenderra provides your capital with loans covering up to 90% of your purchasing and rehab costs. Available at an attractive price, the fix and flip loan is tailor-made for investors buying a property at a discounted price and selling them within a year for profit. The loans start from $75k* and go up to $4 million for eligible properties.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with the Lenderra and acquire the property that you’ve been dreaming of.

Instant Loans for Faster Purchase

Get approval within 2 minutes or less and buy your property in an instant.

Yes, it is that quick. The fix and flip loans from the Lenderra promptly provide you with the cash to grow your real estate projects. Some of the benefits from the loan include:

  • Cash sanction up to $4 million for your rehab projects.
  • Flexible loans without unnecessary holdups.

fix aND FLIP LOANSWhy Choose Lenderra’s Fix and Flip Loan?

  • Finance is provided for your project for up to 12 months.
  • A minimum of just 600 FICO score is enough.
  • The whole sanctioning process is streamlined with no setbacks.
  • Rehab costs are covered up to 90% in the loan.
  • The initial payment as a penalty is not required.
  • No interest is charged for your rehab capital that goes unused.

Fix and Flip Financing FAQ’s

What type of properties can you buy with the fix and flip loans offered by Lenderra?

  • Single Family Residence (SFR)
  • Condominiums
  • Townhouses
  • 2-4 Unit Properties

What type of rates are offered by the fix and flip loans?

Based on the property and the buyer, the fix and flip loan rates vary between 7.49% – 12.9%. To get more information on the rates, contact Lenderra.

What are the minimum and maximum amount offered by fix and flip loans?

The loan starts at $75k and eligible buyers can get up to a maximum of $4 million.

Does the fix and flip loan lend money for construction and repairs?

Yes. As a part of the loan, Lenderra provides capital for purchases and repair costs.

Is the Fix and Flip loan available in my state?

Fix and flip loans are offered in all the major states and the district of Colombia except in Alaska, Nevada, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Utah.

What is the minimum FICO score should I have to be eligible for the fix and flip loan?

The minimum FICO score for the loan is just 600.

What are the documents that I should have to get a fix and flip loan?

Lenderra operates differently than a traditional bank in sanctioning loans. The fix and flip loans are mainly approved based on your experience in the real estate industry and by other common details.

The following details are required to get approved for the fix and flip loan.

  • Budget for construction.
  • Sales Contract.
  • Current REO (Real Estate Owned) list.
  • Bank statements (one month).
  • Tax Return details (Two years).
  • Articles of Corporations or LLC Operating Agreement.

Is the Lenderra sanction loan available for companies or LLC’s?

Yes. The fix and flip loans are offered to real estate companies. The following are eligible to get the loan.

  • LLC
  • Corporations
  • Limited and General Partnerships.

Is the loan available for residents from other countries?

Right now, the loan is available for the following citizens.

  • U.S citizens.
  • Canadian citizens.
  • Permanent Resident Aliens.

Is the loan offered to people that are looking to buy a property to live in?

No. The fix and flip loans are only offered to investors who don’t occupy the property to live.

Is there any penalty?

No. There is no penalty payment in the 12-month loan.

There is no better deal for your real estate project than the fix and flip loan. Get in touch with Lenderra and grow your real estate portfolio today.